mikkon adult day healthcare center


The Center is a program fully licensed by the Department of Health Services. It is dedicated

to providing medical and social service support to elders and disabled individuals.

The Center provides a specialized setting that fosters and promotes

individuals' psychosocial and physical well-being in a protective environment.  

Specifically designed to:

   Assist in the transition from acute care to rehabilitation.

   Prevent inappropriate or premature institutionalization in a long term care facility.

   Provide supportive services and respite to families and caregivers of the participant.

   Provide participants with a safe, fun and stimulating environment under constant responsible care.

   Enhance the daily quality of life and independence of participantes by enabling them

continue living at home and in a community. 

PROGRAM Advantages

  Allows time for respite care, self-renewal and attends to other family needs.

  Activities encourage interaction and stimulate physical, mental, social and spiritual wellness.

  Consultation services provide information and emotional support to both individual and family.

  Qualified assistance available for participants with special needs.

  Each individual is assessed to develop their own plan of care.

  A friendly ear is available for day-to-day problem solving.

  Transportation provided based on each individual's assessment.

  Nutritional services available.